So i have had an interesting year. Nothing has really come about for me musically – and this was partly intentional. I felt I was in a rut. I was bored with what I was doing, bored with my songs and bored with the same venues – I don’t seem to fit anywhere. I get wildly anxious when talking to other musicians. My nerves make it difficult for me to talk – mostly because I feel like I know nothing about making music and just happened to pull a couple of songs off. I’d done my EP… i didn’t know where to go next.

So to alleviate the music making jitters I have started experimenting with some music. These are drafts of ideas I have had (hence the dodgy song names). I would love you to take a listen. I am hoping these will be the beginning of making something great. I would love to collaborate with some spoken word artists or emcees – but that’s something I need to chase down once I get a bit of confidence. I would like to add my own vocals and lyrics to these tracks to, whether they’re back up vocals. There are some parts of the tunes I need to work on, as they’re super repetitive, but like I said this is an experiment 🙂 So be nice.

Anyway – here are a few of my bits and pieces I thought I would share on here.


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