So it’s coming to the end of 2012 and what a year it has been. I was just thinking the past few weeks how my music has felt a bit stagnant, but upon further reflection, its actually been one of the busiest years I have had since performing as a soloist.
I have played on the same bills as Katie Noonan, Sarah McLeod, ZIA, Paige Phoenix  Electric Lemonade, His Merry Men and many more amazing musicians. I have featured and performed on Switch Radio, 4ZZZ programs including Gay Savvy, Queer Radio and Dykes on Mykes. I have released my début EP including releasing two singles via iTunes.

I have also started a promotions business with a friend, giving a platform to local up and coming musicians and discovering some AMAZING Brisbane talent! You can check the business out on facebook too right >>here<<

Overall 2012 has been incredibly busy and very successful for my music. I am really looking forward to a re-brand next year, stepping away from the “Lesbian musician” stereotype (I hope) and working and collaborating with some musicians. I really hope to put a band together, which would just be one of my ultimate dreams. Who knows, I might even bite the bullet and enter some competitions. I will be working on a new website, new songs and new… well new everything really. It’s time for a change, a change for the better.

I would really like to thanks everyone who has followed my progress, shown their support and helped me out throughout the year. Particularly my partner Nicky, who I drive nuts before my gigs with my mood swings and panicked runs to The Guitar Centre in Woolloongabba to get the new strings  that I swore I didn’t need. I am also sorry for almost driving off on her when she wasn’t quite completely in the car… lesson learnt. Love you darling. 😀

To all my fabulous supporters, those who have purchased my tune – thank you so much. To know you are listening to my music is really amazing. I am very flattered that anyone has purchased it. I don’t make a living out of music, but being able to share it with you all is awesome on its own, so thank you!

I wish everyone the best over their holidays. Stay safe. Look after each other. Merry Christmas!

Jules x

  1. Nicky says:

    What great achievements for 2012! Looking forward to seeing more Jules Woo in 2013 😀

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