and on with it (March 2013)

Hello Hi Hello

So you will see I have a new ‘tour’ tab… which I should probably change to gig. So if it now says gig – its because you were too slow and this entire sentence has now been a waste of 15 seconds of you reading time. I apologise.


Right, where was I…? Ah yes… and on with it.

So I have just moved house which is fabulous. I had been house sitting for my best mate while he was working away and I am so very very grateful to have had the roof over my head and to help him out by looking after his gorgeous little paradise in Bulimba… but I was finding without being surrounded by all my things, I didn’t want to play guitar… I didn’t want to sing… I found myself slumping infront of the TV most nights doing absolutely nothing constructive. BUT NOW my gorgeous partner and I have found a new home – our first home together since being married last year. I have a cool room with all my guitars, my PA and of course my doggy and kitty.

I have been there a week and am already hitting the guitar most nights and playing around with some cool covers – including The Divinyls – a band I have been waiting to cover for ever. Hopefully with some fabo guitar lessons via YouTube I can start pulling out some new original songs as well. I am very excited to be coming back, feeling refreshed and ready to get back out there.

I am also looking at getting a camera so I can start putting songs on YouTube regularly. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later!!


Thanks to everyone for your support and for reading this incredibly boring entry which is really about nothing in particular. To sum it up – I am excited about lots of things and am looking forward to playing for you guys real soon!

Jules x



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